WHEREAS, on ________________________, XYZ executed a real estate mortgage in favor of __________________________ to secure the payment of ______________________ with interest at _________________________ payable within _______________________ from the date of the execution of said mortgage:
    WHEREAS, said real estate mortgage had been acknowledged before Notary Public _____________________, as per his Notarial register document no. _____, Page no. ____, Book no. _______, Series of _________, and duly registered in the Registry of Deeds of ________________________________;
    WHEREAS, said mortgage contained in a clause granting the mortgagee the special power to sell the mortgage property without judicial proceedings;
    WHEREAS, pursuant to said authority, the mortgagee sold the mortgage property upon failure of the mortgagor to comply with the conditions of the of the mortgage, the purchaser being ____________________ who paid the sum of _____________________ plus accrues interest thereon and to whom the certificate of sale had been given by the persons conducting the auction sale;
    WHEREAS, the mortgagor ______________________ now offers to ay to the undersigned purchaser at public auction the sum of ____________________________ in full satisfaction of the purchase price for which the undersigned purchaser had purchased the mortgaged property at public auction, together with all accrued interests and taxes, if any, aid by the undersigned purchaser;
WHEREAS, this offer to redeem on the part of the mortgagor is being made within the period of one year from the date of auction sale and is therefore in compliance with the law;
      WHEREAS, this offer to redeem the mortgage property on the part of the mortgagor is acceptable to the undersigned purchaser and agrees to deliver the mortgaged property to the mortgagor.
    WHEREFORE, in view of all the foregoing, the undersigned purchaser hereby executes this Certificate of Redemption and hereby restores the mortgagor to his full ownership of the abovementioned mortgaged property.
    IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the undersigned purchaser has signed this Certificate of Redemption in the city of ___________________ this ____ day of ________________, 2______.

             (Signature of purchaser)


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