(Full name of lessor), of age, single/married, with residence and post-office address at _______________________, hereby leases unto ____________________________ of age, single/married, with residence and post-office address at _____________________________, that certain premises at _______________________________, under the following terms and conditions:
1.    That the term of this lease shall be ______________________________________;
2.    That the monthly rental of the leased premises shall be ______________________ payable in advance within the first five (5) days of the month;
3.    That the premises leased have been received by the lessee in good, habitable condition;
4.    That all the ordinary repairs within the premises that arise in the daily use of the facilities therein shall be for the sole account and expense of the lessee, without right to reimbursement;
5.    That the lessee shall use the leased premises exclusively for family dwelling, and shall have no right to use the same for business purposes;
6.    That the lessee is expressly prohibited to sublet the leased premises to any one, without the express consent of the lessor in writing;
7.    That all charges for water, light, gas, telephone used within the premises shall be at the sole account of the lessee;
8.    That the lessee shall be responsible for the observance of sanitary and electrical regulations required or imposed by the city or government authorities regarding the use and habitation of the leased premises;
9.    That the lessee shall notify the lessor at least 30 days in advance should the lessee decide to abandon the leased premises;
10.    That violation of any of the above terms and conditions will produce ipso facto the rescission of this contract of lease.
IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties hereto have set their hands this ____day of
    _______________________, 2________, in _________________________________,
    ___________________________         __________________________________
(Lessor)                        (Lessee)

    ___________________________        ___________________________________

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