(Full name of lessor), of age, single/married, with residence and post-office address at _______________________, hereby leases unto ____________________________ of age, single/married, with residence and post-office address at _____________________________, that certain premises at _______________________________, under the following terms and conditions:
1.    That the term of this lease shall be ______________________________________;
2.    That the monthly rental of the leased premises shall be ______________________ payable in advance within the first five (5) days of the month;
3.    That the premises leased have been received by the lessee in good, habitable condition;
4.    That all the ordinary repairs within the premises that arise in the daily use of the facilities therein shall be for the sole account and expense of the lessee, without right to reimbursement;
5.    That the lessee shall use the leased premises exclusively for family dwelling, and shall have no right to use the same for business purposes;
6.    That the lessee is expressly prohibited to sublet the leased premises to any one, without the express consent of the lessor in writing;
7.    That all charges for water, light, gas, telephone used within the premises shall be at the sole account of the lessee;
8.    That the lessee shall be responsible for the observance of sanitary and electrical regulations required or imposed by the city or government authorities regarding the use and habitation of the leased premises;
9.    That the lessee shall notify the lessor at least 30 days in advance should the lessee decide to abandon the leased premises;
10.    That violation of any of the above terms and conditions will produce ipso facto the rescission of this contract of lease.
IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties hereto have set their hands this ____day of
    _______________________, 2________, in _________________________________,
    ___________________________         __________________________________
(Lessor)                        (Lessee)

    ___________________________        ___________________________________


    This CHATTEL MORTGAGE, made and executed by ( full name of the mortgagor ), Filipino, of legal age, single ( or married to _______________________), with residence and post-office address at _____________________________________ hereinafter called the MORTGAGOR, in favor of ( full name of mortgagee), Filipino, of legal age, single (or married to _______________________), with residence and post-office address at _____________________________________________ hereinafter called the MORTGAGEE,

    That the MORTGAGOR does hereby convey by way of chattel mortgage unto the MORTGAGEE the following described personal property, situated and ordinarily kept at _______________________________ and presently in the possession of the said MORTGAGOR, to wit: (specify and describe the article of articles of mortgage).
    That this CHATTEL MORTGAGE is given as a security for the payment of a certain promissory note, dated __________________, for the sum of _______________________ PESOS ( P _______________), with interest thereon at the rate of ________________________ ( _____%) per centum per annum, according to the terms and conditions thereof, and in the words and figures following:
(Copy the promissory note)
    That the condition of this CHATTEL MORTGAGE is such that if the said MORTGAGOR, his heirs, executors, or administrators shall well and truly perform the full obligation above stated according to the terms thereof, then this CHATTEL MORTAGE shall be null and void; otherwise, it shall remain in full force and effect and shall be enforceable in the manner provided by law.
    IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand this ________________ day of ________________, 2_________, in ________________________ Philippines.

______________________________            ______________________________

    WE, the undersigned MORTGAGOR and MORTGAGEE, severally swear that the foregoing chattel mortgage is made and executed for the purpose of securing the obligation specified therein, and for no other purpose, and that the same is a just and valid obligation, and one not entered into for the purpose of fraud.
_______________________________            ______________________________
                 (Mortgagor)                              (Mortgagee)



    WHEREAS, on ________________________, XYZ executed a real estate mortgage in favor of __________________________ to secure the payment of ______________________ with interest at _________________________ payable within _______________________ from the date of the execution of said mortgage:
    WHEREAS, said real estate mortgage had been acknowledged before Notary Public _____________________, as per his Notarial register document no. _____, Page no. ____, Book no. _______, Series of _________, and duly registered in the Registry of Deeds of ________________________________;
    WHEREAS, said mortgage contained in a clause granting the mortgagee the special power to sell the mortgage property without judicial proceedings;
    WHEREAS, pursuant to said authority, the mortgagee sold the mortgage property upon failure of the mortgagor to comply with the conditions of the of the mortgage, the purchaser being ____________________ who paid the sum of _____________________ plus accrues interest thereon and to whom the certificate of sale had been given by the persons conducting the auction sale;
    WHEREAS, the mortgagor ______________________ now offers to ay to the undersigned purchaser at public auction the sum of ____________________________ in full satisfaction of the purchase price for which the undersigned purchaser had purchased the mortgaged property at public auction, together with all accrued interests and taxes, if any, aid by the undersigned purchaser;
WHEREAS, this offer to redeem on the part of the mortgagor is being made within the period of one year from the date of auction sale and is therefore in compliance with the law;
      WHEREAS, this offer to redeem the mortgage property on the part of the mortgagor is acceptable to the undersigned purchaser and agrees to deliver the mortgaged property to the mortgagor.
    WHEREFORE, in view of all the foregoing, the undersigned purchaser hereby executes this Certificate of Redemption and hereby restores the mortgagor to his full ownership of the abovementioned mortgaged property.
    IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the undersigned purchaser has signed this Certificate of Redemption in the city of ___________________ this ____ day of ________________, 2______.

             (Signature of purchaser)


Agreement of Lease with Option to Purchase

This AGREEMENT made this _____ day of _______, 2______ between:

____________________________________________, residing at _____________________________________________________, herein referred to as the SELLER, and

___________________________________, residing at _________________________________, herein referred to as the PURCHASER,

    WHEREAS, the SELLER owns a certain property located at ___________________________________, described as follows:
____________________________________________, and

    WHEREAS, the PURCHASER desires to rent said property with option to purchase the same;
    WHEREFORE, it is mutually agreed:
1.    The SELLER hereby leases to the PURCHASER and the PURCHASER hereby rents from the seller for a term of ____________ years from this date at a yearly rental of ____
____________________________ (P ___________), payable in equal monthly installments of ______________________________ (P______________) in advance on the first day of each and every month during the period aforesaid, the said property with all its fixtures and accessories described in the Schedule hereto attached and made an integral part hereof;
2.    The SELLER warrants to the PURCHASER that he is the absolute owner of the said property, free from all liens and encumbrances;
3.    The PURCHASER shall during the period of the lease exercise due care and diligence in the use of said property and shall, at his cost and expense, keep the same in good and usable condition for which it has been leased;
4.    That until the SELLER regains possession of the property herein leased in accordance with the terms hereof, the PUCHASER, at his own cost and expense, shall pay all taxes and assessments levied and payable on said property,
5.    If the PURCHASER fails to pay the rental when same becomes due, then the SELLER, at his option and without prior notice or demand, may take or regain possession of the said property and for this purpose may enter the premises without liability to any suit, action, pr proceeding by the PURCHASER;  
6.    Upon the SELLER  regaining possession of said property pursuant to the above provision, this AGREEMENT  shall forthwith terminate, without prejudice to the right of SELLER to rentals in arrears, if any;
7.    That if the PURCHASER shall give written notice to SELLER  on or before the _______
day of ____________, 2________ of his desire to purchase the property leased herein, the SELLER upon receipt of the agreed price of ________________________
PESOS (P_______________), by appropriate deed SELL, TRANSFER, and CONVEY said property to PURCHASER together with all the fixtures and accessories thereof, free from all liens and encumbrances.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the Parties hereto have signed this AGREEMENT the day and year first above written.

__________________________                ________________________
        (Seller)                               (Purchaser)


______________________________        ______________________________


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